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Steve Kaplan

Steve Kaplan

Steve Kaplan is a marketer with a broad background and range of experience that has provided him with the opportunity to develop a number of different businesses. With a flair for digital communication integration, financing, and a specialty for Guerrilla marketing, Steve Kaplan’s expertise has allowed him to build thriving businesses and engage in the successful execution of a remarkable variety of projects. These endeavors into technology have made him the creator, some would say the “secret mastermind” behind some of the greatest marketers in the world. His multiple successes have included ventures with Globussoft, Card Truth and most recently, Creavos Digital Agency, of which he is currently COO.

As the CMO and Co-Founder of MarketMongoose.com, Idea2Prototype.com, and YourRank.com, all Globussoft productions, Mr. Kaplan’s experience includes managing over sixty in-house employees, working with international clientele and generating revenues of over six figures in the first half year of being in business. In addition to these accomplishments, Mr. Kaplan has taken his business to an international level, living in India while partnering with Sumit Ghosh of parent company Globussoft PVT, Ltd., which resulted in a successful India based software business run by the pair.

In addition to becoming an integrations and digital communication specialist, Mr. Kaplan is a startup strategist in charge of the sale of designed and developed software by teams he oversees personally. These teams, led by Mr. Kaplan’s vision, are dedicated to reviews and digital marketing services for an entire range of industries. As a communications specialist, his efforts bridge the gap between computers and human beings.

One of Steve Kaplan’s most significant projects in the digital marketing and software arena was the creation of Market Mongoose.com, an SEO service, along with Sumit Ghosh. MarketMongoose.com is a digital marketing automation service that allows businesses to take over direct control of their Search Engine Optimization. With a team currently approaching 200 members, Messrs. Kaplan and Ghosh trained their team on link building using social media, press releases, blogging, and directory optimization. In addition, they established a web presence for resellers while refining and testing everything along the way. When the site launched, it became instantly popular with companies as a very beneficial and powerful tool.

As a financing and strategy specialist, Steve Kaplan recognizes that the internet has changed the way businesses market products and services. He realizes that we can no longer simply control the brand message in a single direction only. It is now the job of marketing to champion a dialogue that involves the social interests of the customer. The internet has given everyone their own voice and as a marketer, Steve Kaplan believes it is his responsibility to help influence and shape the decisions the world makes about brands. It is this forward thinking philosophy that Mr. Kaplan believes will encourage advocacy and discourage negativity.